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The photographic hunting safari outfitter

If you’ve dreamed of a trip to South Africa, join us on an African trophy hunting Safari.   This husband and wife team is the photographic hunting safari outfit to make your dreams come true!  Alan  is the Professional Hunter and Jane is the Photographic guide

photographic hunting safari
Alan and wildebeest

Hunting with Alan

Having spent all of his life, from an early age, hunting in South Africa, the range of Alan’s experience is widespread.  From wing shooting on the Highveld to plains game hunting in the Karoo and Big Five in Mocambique, the scope of his experience is broad.

His love of the land has become his trademark. He brings it to every hunt that he leads.

Most of all, he will patiently and persistently track an animal in order to set up the perfect shot for you.  During this, he will knowledgeably and conversationally telling you about the biodiversity of the region in which you are hunting.

His style is personable and consequently he invariably strikes up a close friendship with his client.  His bush-craft skills are second-to-none and, as a result, the ethics of his hunting are faultless – an especially relevant point.

Photography with Jane

Jane brings an undeniable passion for photography to every trip she guides.     “There is nothing like hunkering down in the pre-dawn silence of the African bush, pregnant with possibilities, camera at the ready – it is simply food for the soul” she was overheard saying recently.

Jane Ferraris Photography
Jane at her happiest, camera to eye

Jane will enthusiastically teach you, whether you need to be upskilled in photography and/or post processing, she is the one to do it.  If you simply need to be shown the best places to shoot, she can do that too.

The benefit of travelling to South Africa with this hunting photographic couple is that you get to make a real contribution to the well-being of the wildlife economy.

An excerpt from a South African publication, Show Me, makes this clear:

“The reality is that ecotourism on its own cannot ensure the conservation of Africa as a whole. There are areas that cannot support high-end, mid-range or even low-end photographic ecotourism. It is in these areas especially that hunting (conducted ethically, responsibly and sustainably) has a role to play.”

photographic hunting safari
The magnificent Gemsbuck photographed on a trip to Mabuasehube – an example of the kind of photography you will shoot on the photographic hunting safari

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