The area hunted is referred to as THE KAROO in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

This is a semi arid area, with an annual rainfall of about twelve inches. The topography ranges from vast plains to fairly steep low mountains known as "koppies" in South Africa.

An abundance of game occurs in this area and more than fifteen species of plains game can be hunted in one area.

The size of the hunting area is 60 000 acres with another 40 000 acres on another concession. The area is fenced on the perimeter but has no internal fences at all.


Generally a hunt to bag ten plains game animals would last about a week starting on a Sunday and ending on the following Sunday. The time can be extended if one wanted to stay longer.

The terrain is not difficult to hunt in and one only needs to be moderately fit to be able to cope, and more importantly enjoy your hunt.

Temperatures in winter, which includes May through August, can get cold at night, with below freezing temperatures common during this period. During the day, generally, temperatures are pleasant and as long as one can remove layers of clothing you will be comfortable.


The hunting takes place on mostly open plains with scattered low "koppies" which are rocky outcrops covered in low scrub and grass. These "koppies" afford ideal cover for the walk and stalk method of hunting.

The area is traversed in a hunting vehicle and once the target species has been spotted the hunt takes place on foot with myself and a tracker. I use a set of "sticks" as a dead rest for the hunter, these tri-pods allow a nice steady rest and give you the confidence of a one shot kill.

Hunting starts at daybreak and will continue until about 11am, if one has not yet taken an animal. At about this time we take a break, and if we are close enough to camp, we will return and enjoy a brunch and a rest. If one is too far from camp we will "brunch" in the veld, and rest for a while.


Once the animal has been harvested, the carcass will be dropped off at the butchery where the skin will be removed and any caping necessary will be done. The trophy is then salted and prepared for the taxidermist of your choice.

Alan Ferraris

Professional Hunter

With a lifetime of experience in the South African bush, Alan is a skilled hunter. Whether it's plains game or the big five, you will enjoy the hunt of a lifetime under his guidance. The patience, knowledge of bushcraft and passion for his craft are what sets him apart.

Hunt with Alan Trophy Hunting Professional Hunter

Jane Ferraris

Photographic Guide

Alan's wife is a passionate photographer and will lead wildlife photographic safaris in the majestic African bush. She is a skilled teacher and committed to her craft thus ensuring that you will go home with images that will last a lifetime.

Jane Ferraris Professional Photographer