During the winter months, if your hunt occurs during the period from May through July, one can do a wing-shoot, during or after your Safari.

There is an abundance of Egyptian Geese, Spurwing Geese and various Duck and Teal species to be hunted. Under normal circumstances the wing-shooting would be over two days, with a day to travel to the area.

Remember that we are here for your enjoyment and we want you to get as much of the African Experience as possible. I am a keen birder, so do not be surprised if I stop to point out a bird and discuss its habits.

For any further information needed in this regard, please contact me.

Of course, if one would like to relax after your busy hunting days, a few days at a luxurious wilderness area or game reserve can be organised for you and your travelling companion.


Do you want to find out more information about our hunting trips? We are happy to answer any questions you have, and look forward to hearing from you.